Susan Campbell Bartoletti


For Author Visit and Event Organizers:

Let’s Meet! 

If you’re interested in hosting a virtual meeting or presentation, please let me know

Please note: My web site recently suffered a technical glitch that prevented messages from reaching me. If you sent me a message using the form and you didn’t hear back from me, please resend. The glitch has since been resolved.

I enjoy meeting writers and readers. I am available for readings, workshops, writer-in-residence programs, and school and university visits as well as for conferences, festivals, and professional development programs.

In content-rich presentations, I’ll talk about the work a writer does, about crafting nonfiction and fiction stories and publishing. I’ll also talk about activism, about heroes and survivors, and about what young people have done and what young people can do to make a difference. I’ll share my passion for storytelling and my research and writing process.

I offer a variety of programs, tailored to the age of the participants. I enjoy working with my hosts in order to plan the best possible experience, one that will support and enhance the curriculum or program objectives.

An experienced teacher and presenter, I’m comfortable with reasonably-sized large groups, and I welcome teachers, administrators, and parents to view and participate in the presentation or workshop.

Please note: When an overnight stay is required, I ask for a minimum of two days. Hosts might consider piggybacking an author visit with a school or two in neighboring districts.

Interested? For fees and other information, please contact me or my booking agent at The Author Village.

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